A Look at OpenEmu 1.0

OpenEmu Chrome LogoRight before Christmas, retro gamers on the Mac were given an early present with the much anticipated release of OpenEmu 1.0. This release is one of the most significant developments in game console emulation on the Mac to happen in many years. Only hours after its release, the project went viral and was covered on several prominent tech blogs. This project also represents one of the first true mainstream emulators released since the days of Bleem! Continue reading

Article: Windows 8 and the Home Theater PC

With the official consumer launch of Windows 8 just a few days away, there will no doubtbe a deluge of media bashing the release and some of the more controversial changes that have been made. Whether it’s justified or not, it has always happened with every new OS launch for as long as I can remember. Rather than critiquing the new OS as a whole, I’m more interested in what it means for a somewhat neglected and niche product – Windows Media Center and the Home Theater PC in general.

In my first article on Vintech, I’m doing to dive into that very topic and hopefully provide some insight on what I feel will be the future of Media Center and the Home Theater PC.

Read: Windows 8 and the Home Theater PC