A Look at OpenEmu 1.0

OpenEmu Chrome LogoRight before Christmas, retro gamers on the Mac were given an early present with the much anticipated release of OpenEmu 1.0. This release is one of the most significant developments in game console emulation on the Mac to happen in many years. Only hours after its release, the project went viral and was covered on several prominent tech blogs. This project also represents one of the first true mainstream emulators released since the days of Bleem! Continue reading

Sonic the Hedgehog Remastered for iOS and Android

sonic1Before I begin, I have to admit that I have a love-hate relationship with gaming on mobile devices. Smartphones and tablets have great potential to be a powerful gaming platform but that potential is rarely realized. Touch controls and sloppy ports of console titles are typically the norm and make mobile devices second-class citizens in the gaming world. When I first purchased Sonic the Hedgehog for iOS over three years ago, it fit this stereotype perfectly and saw a little less than 5 minutes of play time. To my surprise, a v2.0 update appeared in the App Store recently and what awaited me was nothing short of astonishing. Continue reading

The Future of Gaming: Big Threats from Small Places

ouyaThe current and one of the longest running game console generations in history has faced many challenges. This generation of consoles has seen a high cost of entry, oversaturation of the market and lack of exclusive content to really set the industry players apart.  The new generation that we’ll be seeing soon faces all of the same challenges, plus a few more.  The most obvious hurdles are the inability to justify new and more powerful hardware when the current generation does everything we need it to as well as the distinct lack of innovation and new features. Continue reading